The security of the UK aviation industry is vitally important in protecting the UK, its infrastructure and the travelling public.

Around 80% of air cargo is carried on passenger aircraft, so it is important that all air cargo is robustly screened to ensure that prohibited articles are not part of flown cargo. To be able to handle secure cargo, companies need to become a Regulated Agent.

The concept of Security Management Systems is based on safety management systems, so will be familiar to those in the aviation sector. The idea is that:

  • Security risks should be managed at the right level, overseen by company boards;

  • Activities should be measured to provide management information on security performance;

  • There should be people in the organisation who are accountable for maintaining rigorous security standards, using the management information; and

  • There should be a culture that promotes high security standards throughout the company.

  • A SeMS achieves this by providing an organised, systematic approach to managing security which embeds security management into the day-to-day activities of the organisation and its people.