We are very competitive and would welcome any inquiries about our complete transportation solutions we can provide.

Small Print

  • The schedule is based on five working days excluding Bank and Public Holidays.
  • All drivers carry Level D Security Clearance.
  • All Goods carried in accordance with RHA Conditions of Carriage (1991) revised, a copy of which will be supplied on request.
  • a.m and p.m deliveries avaiable on request.
  • False calls will be charged at the full rate.
  • Waiting time will start after 15 minutes and be charged at £5 per 15 minutes.
  • COD’s – For security reasons we collect cheques only not cash. If the COD is not available the surcharge still applies.
  • Volumetric consignment weights are calculated at 6 metres to the cubic ton.
  • London congestion charge where applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Out of Guage Freight – contact our office for a competitive quote.
  • Refused Deliveries and cancellation charges – contact us for our terms & conditions.
  • Service level descriptions – see our tarrif page.
  • Collections – within the designated dotted area on the tarrif map collections will be returned to the customer on the day of the collection provided that the customer remains open to accept delivery.
  • Secure deliveries – a two man crew is available on request.

Hazardous Freight

As part of our published tariff Front Runner Logistics accept collections for freight that is Hazardous. However there have been some issues raised regards the freight packaging and subsequent claims of damaged freight. We would like to take this opportunity to provide a statement which outlines our expectations of Hazardous freight travelling through our daily (groupage) service which is based on the weight of the consignment.

Any Hazardous freight which is collected as loose for export must be Overpacked and labelled as such. If your respective shippers are not prepared to Overpack then the freight must be palletised and securely shrink-wrapped to pallet(s) for travel.

The reason for this is that in a groupage service freight is subject to stacking, reloading and offloading and in certain circumstances constant rearranging within our vehicles due to the nature of the business. This in turn may lead to the occasional crease or scuff on the package if travelling as loose. If this is standard freight more often than not there are no further consequences as the subject matter in the carton is unaffected and a simple repair with tape and such will suffice to meet the criteria for export via airlines. However in the case of Hazardous freight airlines and freight agents rightly operate to a much higher level of scrutiny and this can lead to disputes regards the conditions of Hazardous freight.

Front Runner Logistics are being penalised by our clients for repack requests due to shippers not packing their Hazardous freight suitably for travel through our daily service which is leading to claims and counter claims which is not sustainable for any business. We operate our daily service of being able to provide a cost-effective means for our client base to collect and deliver, there are however certain remits we operate to, the aforementioned being one of them.

We hope this goes someway to explain the situation and we thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter.

Kind Regards

Billy McCormack